Campus Ministry Office

About Us

Campus Ministry Office supports students as members of Dominican Community to communicate the Truth (supports each other in the evangelization), Love (explore the beauty of Dominican Spirituality) and Serve(engage in Social Action and Community Service).

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To be a community of disciples, living and sharing the faith, following the footsteps of St. Dominic De Guzman.

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We are a community of disciples. We live and share the faith. FOllowing the example of St. Dominic De Guzman.

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To make the Dominican College of San Juan, a community which must share the joy of searching for, discovering and communicating the Truth. It must be an institution of Loving, Caring and Learning that will help the students to grow in knowledge of the real Christian life to be Morally Upright, Integrated and Competent responsible persons.

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Ministries and Programs

  • The Worship (Leitourgia)
  • The Research and Communication (Kerygma)
  • The Fellowship (Koinonia)
  • Retreat and Recollection
  • Vocation and Discernment
  • Outreach Social Action (D'Com)
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Religious Activities

  • First Friday Masses
  • Overnight Retreats
  • Recollections
  • Confirmation
  • First Communion
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Dominican College Outreach Ministry (D'COM)


The Dominican College Outreach Ministry envisions the realization of a well organized and functional program that is participated in by the entire school constituents and community agencies geared towards the building of a truly Christian community characterized by love, unity, justice and respect for the dignity of man.

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  • Spiritual Services
    • Cathechism
    • Recollections
    • Eucharistic Celebration

  • Educational Services
    • Scholarship Grants
    • Providing school supplies to poor children

  • Health Services
    • Free dental/medical services
    • Feeding Services
    • Operation Dagdag Timbang

  • Livelihood Services
    • Speed Sewing
    • Rag Sewing
    • Handicraft and Novelties
    • Soap Making
    • Rosary Making

  • Socio-Cultural Services
    • Adopt-a-Child
    • Share from the Heart

  • Promotion and Funding

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Research and Documentation
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Our Apostolate

  • Takes care of the spiritual needs of the entire College community
  • Provides programs that promote value formation, holistic development and faith formation
  • Creating a Catholic and Dominican culture within the campus
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